Here at Churchmead we believe that Careers education and guidance is imperative for our students to make successful career choices. We strive to develop the skills and knowledge required when making life decisions, so that all students can thrive in the working world of modern Britain. 

Our CEIAG (Careers Education Information and Guidance) programme is inclusive of all students in all year groups. At Churchmead, we encourage students to develop high aspirations and consider a broad range of career options. We assist each individual student in making the best decision for their future and want our students to be able to make informed choices which will secure the best outcome to enable them to progress in education and work.


Our key aim is to assist students to develop into responsible lifelong learner and decision-makers by developing skills in:

  • Personal Understanding – Knowledge of personal skills and qualities that they bring to the work or study environment.
  • Work Exploration – Knowledge through practical experiences and research.
  • Career Pathways – Planning options and developing choice.


At KS3, Students are introduced to Careers through engaging drop-down days with Learning to Work. Students are provided access to Unifrog where they develop an understanding of their individual interests and profiles. Students will experience interactions with Higher Education and guidance in choosing GCSE Options. The students are encouraged to explore their individual interests, likes and dislikes as well as a wealth of career opportunities in the world of work.  We strongly believe that this process allows students to understand the importance of the skills and knowledge learnt in school to open doors for their future. The opportunities available in the working world are continuously explored through teaching and learning in and out of the classroom. Extra-curricular excursions take place across KS3, giving pupils the chance to experience different employment sectors and working environments.


At KS4, Students will focus on their individual options, gaining a thorough understanding of the broad range of career options available.  Pupils are encouraged by the Careers Team to delve deeper into their career options through workshops, assemblies and trips. Each student will receive at least one personal appointment with our external careers' adviser by the Summer Term in Year 11. During this process, students will be able to discuss their options on a 1:1 basis, explore a range of Higher Education courses, Apprenticeships and work-based programmes dependant on the individual needs and interests of each student. A report of the session is then sent home to parents and carers to encourage further conversation based on the career of the young person. Adviza support our Year 11 Parents and Information Evenings providing on-hand information and support. Following the academic year, Adviza and Churchmead Staff are on hand on Results Day to discuss individual options and the next steps for our young people.

Careers Leader

Miss Emma Chawke - / 01753 211330


We have signed up with Unifrog as our careers platform and every student has an account. Unifrog is used in our careers lessons and students are encouraged to use it for independent careers research, to build their own portfolio and CV as well as for their UCAS personal statements. Parents/Carers have access to Unifrog also, where you can access Labour Market Information, Career Options, and progress which your child is making in Careers.

Careers Guidance

We partner with Adviza who provide qualified Careers Advisers, to meet with every student in Year 11 to help them make the best choice for their future. To support the work Adviza do in school, Action Plans are shared with students so parents/carers can access the range of options available. Additionally, access is available to eCLIPS: which is a careers database that will provides further information produced by those working in the industry and provides up to date information about what qualifications, training and skills are required for each job. It also has useful Labour Market Information to help you make an informed choice about your next steps.



What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a paid job with free training either at college or with a Training Provider – leading to a nationally recognised qualification plus experience and skills necessary to a particular career. Apprenticeships last for at least a year and can continue for up to six years for a degree level apprenticeship.

Sectors: The most popular sector for Apprenticeships is health and social care, but business, finance, engineering, and construction are growing. Apprenticeships are now offered across 170 industries.

Levels: Apprenticeships are available at three levels:

  • Intermediate Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE)
  • Advanced Level 3 (equivalent to A Levels)
  • Higher Levels 4-7 Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are equivalent to university level study, from Foundation to Masters.

Entry requirements:

  • Intermediate level apprenticeships from no qualifications required to 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 and above.
  • Advanced level Apprenticeships will normally require 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 and above or can follow on from an Intermediate Apprenticeship.
  • Higher Levels will require at least 2 A levels, or relevant L3 NVQs or BTECs.

What is a traineeship?

A Traineeship is for young people 16-24 who are not quite ready for an apprenticeship. It is a skills development programme that includes a work placement and can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year, though most traineeships last for less than 6 months. It includes a work placement of 70 hours or more, help in getting the skills needed to get an apprenticeship, help writing a CV, a job interview and employer feedback as well as help with English, maths and basic digital skills if needed. You will not be paid but you may be given expenses for things like travel or meals.

For more information on Apprenticeships or to see current vacancies and how to apply see:



We encourage parents/carers to get involved with our careers programme, in order to support your young person as much as possible. If you have any questions or would like more information- please be sure to get in contact. See below an overview of Post-16 Options.

Post-16 Options | UCAS


How Employers can get involved

We aim to help every student to reach their full potential and progress on to a successful destination by providing them with the widest possible range of employer and careers related opportunities. If you would like to offer an experience to our careers programme, please contact:


Labour Market Information

Local up-to-date market information can be viewed using the link below. This gives us an insight into trends in the local market and can help guide our young people.

People | TVB Intelligence


Student Destinations


See below Post-16 Destinations.





Apprenticeship - Intermediate / Level 2




The Child Care Company (Old Windsor) Limited




Berkshire College of Agriculture




Further Education College




Langley College




Uxbridge College




Windsor College




Brookland's College




Highbury College




Richmond College




Basingstoke College of Technology




School Year 12- Sixth Form




Ditton Park Academy




Slough & Eton School




St Bernard’s Grammar School




Upton Court Grammar




Herschel Grammar School




Sixth Form College




Henley 6th Form College




Strodes College




Queen Elizabeth




Holmer Green









Useful Websites


Berkshire Opportunities


Provides guidance to students in Berkshire through their next steps

Learning To Work

Local Enterprise

Thames Valley Berkshire

Local Enterprise Partnership


Adviza- Careers Guidance

eCLIPS - Home (

Adviza- eClips

Find an Apprenticeship

Rate My Apprenticeship

Information on Degree Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Guide

Guide to Apprenticeships

UCAS Apprenticeship

Ucas: Guide to Apprenticeships

Parent Adviser

Advice for Parents/Carers


Volunteering Abroad

Events - Pathway CTM

Connecting you with leading UK employers to gain experience and figure out your next steps after Sixth Form


Find Work Experience


Job Search


Job Search


Measuring and Assessing the Impact of Our Careers Programme


We work closely with the Enterprise Adviser who supporting work on attaining the Gatsby Benchmarks and from an external perspective, helps to assess the impact of our careers provision. Additionally, we aim to collect the views of students, parents/carers, teachers and businesses on the Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) they experience at Churchmead. Governors internally assess success via a range of sources including student voice, parent voice and careers audit.

Review of Careers Programme

The Careers Programme at Churchmead is routinely assessed and measured for impact. Using Compass+- a careers benchmark tool, we can see how the school is meeting and exceeding the statutory guidance set by the Department of Education. The tool is a rigorous assessment programme that can highlight areas of strength and areas for improvement, if needed. The tool uses the Gatsby Benchmarks-foundation of the Statutory Guidance, when assessing the school's Careers’ provision.

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