What is mindfulness? 


Mindfulness is the awareness that occurs when you focus on the present and on the purpose of what you are doing. 

What are the possible benefits of practicing mindfulness? 


Mental health benefits include: 

  • decreased anxiety, depression 

  • increased coping skills and self esteem 

  • decreased irritability and moodiness 

  • improved learning ability and memory 

  • increased happiness and emotional stability 

  • increase ability to effectively manage problems 


Physical benefits include: 

  • improved breathing 

  • lower heart rate 

  • improved circulation and immune function 

  • reduced physical stress responses 

  • better sleep 

  • better management of physical symptoms (e.g. pain). 

Please be aware some literature regarding the use of mindfulness (especially with people who have experienced trauma) can potentially have the opposite calming effect. Please seek the appropriate advice and help in these circumstances. 


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