Feeling anxious and stressed about exams is to be expected. These feelings are completely normal. They motivate action and can be put into positive use.  You must put strategies in place now to help you prepare yourself for the inevitable stress that will happen.   It is easier to do it now than later? 

If you feel your stress is becoming too much, speak to a friend, family member, teacher or tutor. 


External Support Services 


  • ChildLine free on 0800 11 11 

  • Support Line Telephone Helpline on 01708 765200 or email info@supportline.org.uk 

  • The Samaritans on 116 123 


Tips & Activities


Top Tips For Revision Success 

Top Tips For Studying Online 

How To Revise Effectively 

Balance activity 

This activity is helpful to identify things you can do to release the pressures of revision and exams. 

Mind Space Tips for Exam Stress 

5 minute Mindful Breathing Technique & a 15 Minute Mindfulness Relaxation Exercise. 

Young Minds – staying well during revision and exams 

Wellbeing advice from young people. 


Useful Apps 


Stop, Breathe & Think 

A friendly app to guide people through meditations for mindfulness & compassion. 

Clockwork Tomato 

Clockwork Tomato is a time management application, a method that boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25-minute slices, separated by short breaks. 

My Fitness Pal 

It can be very valuable to exercise during the exam period but it is also crucial to make sure that you’re fuelling your body with the right foods. 


Noisli is designed to help you block out frustrating background noise, help get yourself in the zone and reduce stress. 



Revision Apps 



It works like this: you pick your subject and your exam board, then you take part in quizzes to test your knowledge. Not only do you get instant feedback, you are also given detailed explanations, so if you go wrong, you can work out why. 


Quizlet enables students to create their own revision flashcards, as well as to use sets created by others. Teachers can also create sets to share with their students. 


Great for learning and testing vocab/ new words. 

Get Revising 

Create revision timetables using Get Revising Study Planner tool.